Friday, 24 May 2013

Electric Dreams: The Giorgio Moroder Story

A very timely, and very very good!, two part BBC documentary of one of the true legends of electronic music, Giovanni Giorgio  - but everybody calls me ... Giorgio! - Moroder.

From his early German productions to the earth shattering 70s Donna Summer hits and his 80s movie soundtracks right through to his brand new work with Daft Punk on Giorgio By Moroder, these career-spanning programmes document one of music's true innovators. All new-interviews on the shows come from a cavalcade of Moroder collaborators and admirers including Sparks, Barney Sumner from New Order, Mute mainman (and Elektro Diskow interviewee)Daniel Miller, Moby and Deborah Harry alongside archive audio from the late great Donna S.

We've also done a Spotify playlist charting more than 40 years of incredible Morodermusik. Have a listen below.

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