Friday, 25 November 2011

Exclusive Interview With Larry Heard AKA Mr Fingers for Elektro Diskow!

We recently spoke to none other than Chicago House legend Larry Heard (AKA Mr Fingers) about his early musical experiences and memories of the elektro diskow period. Have a look at the exclusive Q & A hosted on our partners Mixmag's site, and while you're having a read listen to some highlights from  Larry's list of  electro faves mentioned in the piece (see below). Best known for his classic single Can You Feel It (one of the cornerstones of House) Larry has been producing amazing tunes for over a quarter of a century.

Larry's playlist is a thrilling mix of elektro, Italo disco and early 80s Boogie/post-disco that sets the scene for the House movement that followed.

Stay tuned for more exclusive Elektro Diskow interviews!

Click here for Exclusive Larry Heard Interview on for Elektro Diskow!

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