Thursday, 10 November 2011

Maestro: Larry Levan & Early DJ culture

A fantastic and long (9 part but so worth it!) documentary chronicling the development of club culture from its beginnings in New York. From the earliest days at David Mancuso's Loft through to Studio 54 and the 80s heyday of the Paradise Garage, Danceteria and the Roxy, NYC was at the forefront of shaping the idea of clubbing and the nightclub.

Legendary figures like Frankie Knuckles give insights into the genesis of New York clubland, whose influence is still felt today. Central to this was the eclecticism of both playlist and clientele with DJing colossi such as Larry Levan and Jellybean weaving the latest European electronic sounds in alongside Disco in its post and mutant forms. For more on the legacy of Larry Levan and the Garage, have a look at the Going Back To My Roots blog's excellent post on LL.

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